Saturday, March 14, 2009


I don't want to get into the Donte Stollworth situation. Its too serious for a football blog. I just want to say that he should be cut.

Friday, March 13, 2009

That is appropriate

I approve of signing a player nicknamed "Pork Chop". That his Christian name is Floyd is simply a bonus.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And your mama, too

Why is Eric Mangini so dead set on alienating the Browns fanbase?

So far he has:
>> Alienated Shaun Rogers
>> Signed a number of no-name Jets, including signing Hank Poteat when Leigh Bodden could still have been had.
>> Traded Kellen Winslow Jr. (although this was already coming)
>> Declared that Browns history is meaningless
>> Cut Joe Jurevicis, despite his desire to stay with the team and to take a pay cut.

Its enough to make me wish we still had the Crennel/Savage duo. Yeah, they were incompetent, but at least they didn't actively try to piss off the fans.

Assuming that Mangini is intentionally trying to tick us off, here are a couple more ideas for him:
>> Cut Phil Dawson. Sign a kicker with a European name and a big leg, whose every kickoff is a touchback, but whose field goal percentage is the same from 30 yards as it is from 50.
>> Sign or trade for a marginal veteran QB (Kyle Boller, Jeff Garcia?). After an inconclusive and unbalanced QB competition, declare him the winner based on a "gut" feeling, while DA and Brady Quinn sit on the bench. Despite his performance (or lack there-of), stick with him.
>> Use our 4th round pick to draft a long-snapper who can compete with Ryan Pontbriand
>> Compare Browns fans unfavorably to Ravens fans or steelers fans
>> Flatly refuse to let Josh Cribbs do anything
>> Sign a marginal Jets backup running back and cut/don't use Jerome Harrison
>> Ignore special teams
>> For the legacy/team advisor position, replace Jim Brown with John Elway
>> Trade up in the draft to take a new QB
>> Lose to pittsburgh