Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wherefore art thou, Babatunde?

Hot off the presses, two more draft picks are signed:
CB Demario Minter and
NT Babatunde Oshinowa

To paraphrase (actually, to directly quote) Mistake by the Lake: All hail Babatunde!

Get to know Babatunde Oluwasegun Temitope Oluwakorede Adisa Oshinowo Jr. a little closer, and I'm sure you'll be as excited as the rest of us. To give you reasons why to love Baba:
  • His full name is Babatunde Oluwasegun Temitope Oluwakorede Adisa Oshinowo Jr. which is by FAR one of the best names, ever.
  • Son of Nigerian Immigrants, he belongs in Cleveland, a town of immigrants.
  • Probably one of the steals of the draft. Alot of teams had him slotted as a first day pick, but because of his position (3-4 Nose Tackle) and luck, he fell to the Browns in the sixth.
  • He's a big guy who doesn't do a whole lot other than sit in the middle of an offensive line and clog it up. What else are we looking for?
  • He's decended from Nigerian royalty (is a chief royalty?).
  • He's a closet nerd. A Stanford Electrical Engineering major, he's no big dumb jock.
  • And last, and by no means least, he comes to Cleveland by way of the sixth round pick that Phil Savage was able to BLEED out of Baltimore. So we get Kam Wibley + A starting Nose Tackle, in exchange for them getting a lazy tackle who we were going to pass on anyways. That, my friends, is a deal.

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