Monday, July 30, 2007

King High on Lewis

Peter King had a report from Browns training camp. I don't give a whole lot of weight to King's opinion, but he was very high on Jamal Lewis. He also added some background to the Quinn contract talks. King goes out of his way to be nice to everyone, so if he's calling Quinn's holdout silly, then it must have a measure of truth to it.

It looks like alot of the national beat writers are starting off at Cleveland. I guess they want to save the better teams for later in the preseason. With the Browns, they don't need to see how anything shapes up to figure out what the Browns' issues are.


Hornless Rhino said...

He sincerely appeared to like the food, and given that his girth approximates my own, I find that part of his article to be credible.

Otherwise, I think Peter King is a guy who sometimes writes stuff just for the sake of filling column space. Take what he's now saying about Jamaal Lewis, for example. King watches one Browns practice, spends 15 minutes with Jamal Lewis and then announces that the guy is a shoe-in to rush for 1,300 yards and is likely to get a lot more than that.

That kind of output would have put Lewis among the top 5 rushers in the AFC last season, and among the top ten in league. Only one team with a rusher ranking among the league's top 10 had a losing record in 2006, and that team went 7-9 (the 49ers).

So if he really believes that the Browns will run the ball that effectively, it's almost inconceivable that King could rank the Browns 32nd out of 32 NFL teams.

It just doesn't add up, but that doesn't bother Peter. He made his deadline, and can now get back to the more pressing business of having another helping of the sliced balsamic skirt steak.

Dwayne Rudd said...

I read King regularly, even though I don't trust his opinion much. It seems like he's a pretty charasmatic guy who is good at talking the talk, but doesn't really know that much about football. He knows just enough to talk about it without sounding stupid. Any fan with decent writing skills could be as good a football analyst as King if it was their job. The only real "skill" he brings to the table is his rolodex. Which has its purposes. But it doesn't mean we need to take his football musings seriously.