Monday, August 27, 2007

Did Alexander keep Aristotle on his 53 man roster?

Over numerous articles, the Plain Dealer has decided that, unless the Browns carry four quarterbacks on the final roster, the loser of the Derek Anderson / Charlie Frye QB competition will be cut or traded and Ken Dorsey will be retained. This all stems from the PD writers' weird fetish for the Browns to have "an experienced veteran" who can "mentor the young quarterback".

If the Browns do want to keep Dorsey around, here is my suggestion:
1) Cut Dorsey
2) Offer him the value of his current contract to stay around as a "special QB" coach

Heck, they can even let him play dress up and wear the uniform on the sidelines, and work out in practice. But it makes absolutely no sense to me to keep him around as a Big Brother for the little orphan Brady Quinn. If he does stay around he will be taking up a roster spot. And if he is taking up a roster spot, who is getting cut in his place? Chris Barclay? Steve Sanders? Chase Pittman? Willie McGinest?

The 53-man roster is a challenge for the teams to strike the balance between developing young guys and fielding a decent team. Unless Dorsey provides us a better back-up QB option than Derek Anderson, he should not take up one of those valuable spots.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, Ken Dorsey has looked better than Anderson in the preseason games (never thought I'd say that). Not only that, if the Browns were going to go the "special QB coach" route, they'd be better off bringing in a retired vet.

prestidigitation? said...

a retired vet like who, a sauced bernie kosar? is that dude drunk while commentating the pre-season games or did he just take too many cracks to the dome?

Hardaway Hates Pittsburgh said...

Hey Dwayne Rudd,

Do you belong to any Browns Backers clubs here in DC?

Dwayne Rudd said...

Not an official member. Last season I caught games at a couple different sites. Lucky bar on Connecticut was probably the coolest group, but its kind of a crappy place. None of the other places I saw were much better. I'll probably just keep floating around this season.