Friday, January 11, 2008

Speak of the devil

This morning I posted about how having stability at the head coach makes it easier to swallow an inevitable coordinator change. I didn't realize that such a change would be only a few hours away. But per PFT, Todd Grantham has been shown the door.

I'm not disappointed, but I am a bit surprised. I'll be curious to find out if this came from Savage or Crennel or both. I guess the writing was on the wall with everyone getting a contract extension but Todd.

Maybe we can get that old steelers coach to be our new defensive coordinator. What was his name? Coward? Something like that?

Or maybe Savage has his eye on former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan. I don't know if Ryan does the 3-4 or not, but I'm sure any former Raven would be on Savage's list.


Faz said...

Um, I think the name is Cowher. You know, the guy that used to be a Brown but left to win championships elsewhere? Tell Savage there's no need to call -- The Jaw has your number.

Seriously, Cowher has already indicated he doesn't want a job this year. We Steeler fans are already wondering if you won't grab Faneca and add him to the former Steelers now in Cleveland, along with Orpheus and Ricardo C.

Don't suppose you want Arians back? Didn't think so.

Dwayne Rudd said...

Savage's weakness is ex-Ravens. I'd more expect him to go after Terrell Suggs than another O-lineman. You know, good offense bad defense thing.