Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coin flips and bad coaching

Back when Crennel flipped a coin to decide between Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson, it was ridiculous, but decisive. His current "decision" is still pretty ridiculous, but even lacks the decisiveness of his coin flip.

I assume he feels he's showing his players loyalty and even handedness. It might work if the players were children, but most of them are not, and they must see through this ruse pretty easily.

Regardless of where you come down in the Anderson/Quinn debate, I think few fans can look at this "decision" as a good approach. Crennel should have either given Anderson a vote of confidence, or he should have pulled the trigger on Quinn.

The head coach's primary responsibility is not to draw up playbooks, scout players, or call plays. His primary job is to decide, given the players on the roster, who will be playing on Sunday, and getting those players motivated. Crennel is failing miserably in this regard.

I predict that we will not see Quinn on Sunday, no matter how poorly the offense performs.


CoachD said...

I think that if they lose to the Bungles, are looking at 0-4, and Anderson has another disappointing performance, you have no choice but to put in Quinn. May as well give him a chance and try to salvage a season and potentially your job (cough cough, Crennel). Of course I'm secretly hoping we have a new coach next year who sports a distinct mustache, jaw, and scowl.

faz said...

I agree in toto with what Coachd says; I'd like to see BQ make his mark and prove (or disprove) the fans' opinions of him. At least you'd be competitive and shake the tree a little.

Now: as a Steelers fan (sorry to darken your doors), I have to make an observation here: what's with Cleveland personality flip-flops? You guys vilify Cowher for years and make him out to be the antiChrist. Yet Brownies who whine for a new coach seem to think The Chin should / will return home to Strongsville, or Smallville, or wherever the heck Browns football people go to live. Are you guys that knee-jerk that he (and all things Pittsburgh) are anathema unless they come over to your side, and then they're somehow wonderful? Kool-aid, anyone?

Coach Cowher would be better off coaching the Lions out of their morass, IF he even gets the urge to resume a killer NFL schedule. Maybe he'll come back in two years, when his youngest heads off to college. In the interim, don't worry: you probably can't get any worse than you are now. Why not let Chud get the head coach job as the interim, seriously?

CoachD said...

Obviously, I'm just one Brown's fan and my opinion is just that, my opinion. In terms of vilifying "The Chin" for me it is that fact that during his tenure he consistently fielded competitive teams, and ones that kicked the Brownies behinds. You always knew his teams would be in it and be tough -- something that has been lacking in C-town. I think it is more out of adoration/mutual respect and what our teams didn't/don't have rather then "oh he's the Steelers coach, got to hate him." Then there is the fact he was a former Browns player & coach. As a former athlete and now coach, I can tell from personal experience there is something special about coaching for a team you once were a part of. Wherever Cowher ends up next, the fan base will KNOW what they are getting and don't have to worry about a young/assistant coach to prove themselves.

Anyway, I like the disucssion.