Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Experience counts, does anything else?

I won't pretend that this is still a functional blog. Work is busy, and I've lost a bit of the passion (for reading every scrap of Browns news and posting, not for the Browns themselves). I'd like to keep it up, but we'll see.

But the coach search has gotten me riled up enough to figure out what my password is.

I don't have much faith. Lerner came into this search process with one thing in mind: hire a guy who has coached before. Shanahan, Cowher, and Schottenheimer were all out of the running, so our only choices were Detroit's guy, Crennel, or Mangini.

I'm OK with putting a premium on experience, but that shouldn't be your sole criteria. Here, I think it was.

This will not end well.


Bob the Omnipotent Disappointment said...

Yet another three and out for the brownies.....three years of mediocrity and another management shakeup after the Mangini era. It's a shame to see the talented roster squandered; I just hope we don't bomb the careers of the young players on our team.

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