Sunday, January 14, 2007

So does that mean we should have kept Jeff Faine?

Grossi keeps pointing to the Saints and Jets as examples of organizations that turned it around in one season while the Browns continue to fail. Here is a quick history of their records:

. W L
2001 7 9
2002 9 7
2003 8 8
2004 8 8
2005 3 13
2006 10 6

. W L
2001 10 6
2002 9 7
2003 6 10
2004 10 6
2005 4 12
2006 10 6

Both those teams, if you throw out 2005, have been very successful in the short/mid term. They both experienced extenuating circumstances in 2005 (Saints with Katrina, Jets with Pennington going down) and ending up dweilling in the cellar for a year. But its not like they lost their core players from their good seasons.

I don't want to make excuses for the Browns. They should be better than they are by now. But pointing to the Jets and Saints as examples of why a one year turn-around is possible is just intellectually dishonest.

And what's with Grossi spreading rumors that Savage asked Crennel to resign? He admits its nothing but a rumor, but if thats the case, it doesn't belong in print in a newspaper, at least without some substantiation.

Now, I don't think that its impossible. But highly unlikely. Who knows, though? Not me.

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Ben said...

Everybody points to these 1 year turn arounds but neglect to mention the fact that their bad year was because of injuries or other circumstances.

The Browns have been bad for awhile.