Saturday, January 20, 2007

And the new Offensive Coordinator is:

Rob Chudzinski?

Well, if former fullback Mo Carthon was going to feature fullbacks in his offense, we might be a little better off with former tight end (and tight end coach) featuring our tight end formations.

I'm glad to see they went outside the organization. I think the whole Davidson/Scherer idea seemed tainted by proximity to Mo Carthon, and what they've "accomplished" with the Browns over the past couple years. However, Chud is also of the Butch Davis coaching tree, which is more than a little scary. But he did OK in San Diego, so that can't be a bad sign.

He was Offensive Coordinator for Miami U during the 03 Fiesta bowl. He had his best seasons as a coach with Ken Dorsey throwing to Kellen Winslow. Lets hope he doesn't get some crazy sentimentality about giving Ken Dorsey another shot.

I look forward to finding out more about him, and what he plans on doing with this offense.

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