Friday, February 23, 2007

The scales of luck are tipping our way. . .

Lecharles Bentley definitely won't play this year, and may never play again.

No news on Gary Baxter. If he's ever going to play again, that will be big news, so here no news is bad news.

Winslow's "minor surgery" ends up being a pretty major one that is a sign that his knee is still in terrible shape.

Some may take all those things as signs that we're cursed. But then the football gods grace us with a winning coin flip, giving us the third pick in the draft, and all is forgiven.

Or are the football gods just setting us up with an even higher draft pick, only to eventually end their rookie season with an onset of the Hanta virus?

Sorry for the break. Busy time of year, and the Browns haven't given alot to post about. But with free agency kicking open next week, I'll start up again.

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