Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cowher's last stand?

This could be our last time facing Bill Cowher.

Not much to say about this game, as it was just 18 days ago that we last played Pittsburgh. The big difference is that the Steelers are down Hines Ward, and we're up Leigh Bodden, so Pittsburgh won't be nearly as effective if they go into the spread formation. Of course, we also have Derek Anderson starting for us, so thats a HUGE unknown.

So, to prepare for the game, I would like to invite you all to intone a prayer with me:

Oh ye football gods on high, and little baby Jesus,
Thou most loyal and suffering fans,
Those who doth bleed Brown and Orange, verily beseech ye:

Shine thy graces upon the army of Crennel,
and smote with great anger the cursed Steelers!

Might our offerings of spilt beer and burnt Couch Jerseys
suplicate thy spirits' thirsts,
so that thou might take pleasure in the Browns.

Let the balls bounce our way.
Let the tipped passes end up in our hands.
Let the injuries be draped in black and yellow.

Great gods, and little baby Jesus, lead thy Browns to victory!


red hot smokin' said...

You'd probably have better luck praying to grown up Jesus, or teenage Jesus, or bearded Jesus, or whatever. I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger.

Anonymous said...

The other Cleveland blog site is "God Hates Clevelad Sports." You probably should've taken the hint that praying to God (against the Steelers, anyway) only patches you through to the answering machine at "Our Lady of Pepetual Pain." Maybe you should become a Buddhist.

Anonymous said...

sorry; operator errors and typos. God hates CLEVELAND Sports (obviously) and yes, the pain is PERPETUAL, not pepetual. But you get the drift. Hey, your QB looked good though, as did Jurevicius.