Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Year End Goals

Here are my goals for the rest of the season:

> Don't lose any more guys for the 07 season. We already have two starters gone for next year (Baxter & Bentley). Lets not add to the list.

> If Frye's hand is OK, I say let him play. With a little fire under him, he may pull something new out. And if/when he starts to dance like Jeff Garcia, pull the plug and put Derek Anderson back in.

> Win out. Not for pride, but for the draft. I hate drafting in the top 5. You overpay, and you "have" to pick players despite your needs. Nobody is gonna pretend that WR was our number one need in 2005, but we were practically forced to pick Braylon Edwards because he was (or seemed) the best talent on the board. Lower down, not only do you pay less, but you also have the luxury of picking more for need than for "talent". If we win out, we would be drafting somewhere between 5 and 13.

> Audition DBs for next year. Yeah, Holly made some bad plays last week. Kind of gives you an idea why he was a free agent this past spring. But, rather than continue to drop guys to help Holly, I say challenge him. Give him man coverage, blitz the QB, and see what our DBs can handle. Will he give up a big play or two? Maybe. But it will help us decide if we're desperate for another corner for next year.


Jon said...

I agree with you completely but I dont think crennel would adhere to doing such a thing. He seems to somehow think that will hurt the players pride...or his own.

there are 2 games left and as far as I'm concerned we should have been playing backups and rookies much sooner than week 14 and you're dead on about holly, throw him to the wolves and see what the kid has. any corner looks good with double slot safeties and/or cover 2.

No one seems to want to tell me what they think of McMillan so will you give me your assessment?

if we somehow win the next 2 games, is 6-10 still considered improvement?

Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

I don't really know much about McMillan. I know that he's credited with 4 tackles so far this season, and that he didn't play against Tampa Bay.

It seems like he SHOULD be getting some playing time, espcially with his decent preseason creating some pass-rush, but there have been alot of guys who haven't gotten the time that I thought they deserved (including Isaac Sowells-G and Travis Wilson-WR). I think that Crennel is a little too used to veterans, and not so interested in developing players.