Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Scapegoat of the week

Sorry for the lack of posting. But what is there to say about a crap game like the one the Browns played against Pittsburgh? Not much, apparently, because the lull has been apparent around Browns-bloggerdom.

Just to get some quick hit thoughts out before we move on to the Ravens:
- Yeah, I gave Crennel a pass on not showing up against the Bengals. But its starting to wear on my patience. As Peter King pointed out (yeah, I know, but this time his sound-bite agrees with me), the Browns have more talent than they showed against Pittsburgh.
- On the other hand, do we really have the talent? A lotta that loss rests on the shoulders of players not doing well. Yeah, you want the coach to be able to get them ready, but some guys are, though gifted athletes, bums who just can't hack it. How many of those guys are holding us down?
- On that note, I nominate my scapegoat: Dennis effin Northcutt. Tell me, why does this sad excuse for a receiver still get downs? Why do we have a 3rd round draft pick, Travis Wilson, "The Best Receiver in the Draft", sitting inactive?
- I know, Romeo is a player's coach, as opposed to Butch Davis who loved nothing better than picking one player as a scapegoat when his whole team stunk. So if Dennis is gettin' it, its behind closed doors. But then, why does he still take the field?
- I'll wait till next year to call Edwards a bust.
- I have no opinion on Derek Anderson vs. Charlie Frye. Who cares who's tossin it? A Peyton Manning ball can bounce off of Northcutt's hands just as easily as a Charlie Frye pass.

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