Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thank God Tevye is Poor

From Peter King last week:

If I Were the (Draft) King

Here's what I'd do if I were picking for the teams with the first five choices this year:

1. Raiders
Trade down to No. 6 for the Redskins' first- and second-round picks in 2008 plus WR Antwaan Randle El, and choose QB Brady Quinn. (Washington takes WR Calvin Johnson.)

2. Lions
Trade down a spot for Cleveland's pick and the Browns' 2008 first-rounder and select LT Joe Thomas.

3. Browns
Move up to No. 2, choose QB JaMarcus Russell.

Mr. King may be an idiot, and Phil Savage certainly would be an idiot if he were to do this. Give up a first round pick to move up one spot?!

I don't think Mr. King is really as dumb as this article suggests. I assume his logic was something like this:
> What should Detroit do?
> They should trade down.
> Who will they trade with?
> They should trade with Cleveland, so Detroit can get Joe Thomas at 3.
> What would Cleveland have to give up to trade up to 2?
> Next year's 1st rounder
So I don't think King ever gave any thought to whether or not it would be "worth it" for Cleveland to move up.
I think this is how these guys put together their mock drafts: First they put together list of the best players (from a generic, non-team specific point of view). Then they go down the draft order, and match their best players against the teams drafting. If the team drafting in a position is unlikely to take that player, then they will either rearrange the their board of players (and complain that the team will be "reaching") or they rearrange the team order by proposing a "trade".

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Top Dawg said...

Speaking of idiots, Tony Rizzo said on his show that the Browns will do whatever it takes to get Russell, even trade up to #1.