Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hidden Messages

PFT says that the Browns may be trading for Trent Green.

I don't give this much creedence:
A) The "report" comes from the Chiefs, who are trying to get more out of Miami for Green (last I heard, Miami was only offering a 7th round pick, and KC wants something alot higher). Miami can play the waiting game, since it is assumed the Cheifs will cut Green this summer, so obviously the Chiefs would love to drum up a bidding war by claiming another team is interested.
B) Phil Savage said the other day that they wouldn't be signing a veteran QB. While this could be pre-draft posturing, obviously any posturing would be totally destroyed by going and getting a QB before the draft.

I have said all along that I don't buy the whole "veteran QB" thing. Sure, it works occassionally, but more often it seems to lead to failure:
- Drew Bledsoe to Buffalo (and Dallas)
- Jeff Garcia to Cleveland and Detroit
- Daunte Culpepper to Miami
- Trent Dilfer to Cleveland
- Kurt Warner to New York and Arizona

Do we really want to add Trent Green to that list at the cost of $7M per year? If anything, sign some more linemen and see how Frye and Anderson do with a little pass protection.


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