Monday, March 12, 2007

Pro Bowlers and Kingpins

I've read a number of news items that have tried to disparage the Browns' signing of Eric Steinbach by pointing out that he hasn't been to any Pro Bowls. This comes from the same guys who (correctly) complain that Pro Bowl rosters are popularity contests that ignore the young quality players who deserve to be honor and focus on over-hyped has-beens.

Its even more inconsistent, since pretty much everyone agreed that Eric Steinbach was the best Offensive Linemen available, and that he was one of the best free agents overall.

So which is it? Is the Pro Bowl a joke? Or is Steinbach a bum because he hasn't been to a Pro Bowl?

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Top Dawg said...

I'll go with option "A".

The fact that Sean Jones didn't even get selected as an alternate pretty much proves it too...