Friday, March 09, 2007

I guess management was partying too much in 1999

Rueben Droughns to Giants for a backup receiver. Nothing unexpected there. Rueben might motivate himself now that he realizes he can't rest on a couple decent years, but even at his best he's merely decent.

Our new receiver, Tim Carter, was a second round pick, but over a few years he has pretty unimpressive numbers. Will he make the roster? Chances are probably 50/50.
But the bigger news is the cutting of Daylon McCutcheon. There had been inklings that it would happen, but no word that I've seen as to why. This is only excusable if Cutch's career is over, or if he has some undisclosed personal issues. If he proves to still have a few years left, even as a nickleback, then that just ain't right.

Its not the McCutcheon is (or was) great or anything, although he was servicable and given our issues at CB, a serviceable CB is a couple steps up from Ralph Brown. But he's the only remaining player from the 1999 draft class.

With Northcutt leaving a couple weeks back the 2000 draft class was cleared out. 2001's last player was Gerrard Warren. Our oldest draft pick still on roster is Andra Davis, from the 2002 draft. With McCutcheon going, its just a poignaint reminder of how many possibilities this organization has flushed down the toilet.

Without releasing any sort of statement as to why he was cut, it shows a real lack of understanding of the emotions of the fans. We've had so much crap, we've had to glom on to any pieces of decent that we could find. So we've had to form emotional attachments to these merely OK players because there have been no other options. But now those guys are cut, and that comes just days after Savage signed Jamal Lewis and flirted with signing Joey Porter.

Its interesting reading takes on the Lewis signing. Alot of the mainstream news sites call it an OK, if unspectacular upgrade. Most fanblogs, however, seem to see it kind of like I did: even if he's a marginally better player than Droughns, its not worth the cost of making a deal with the devil. Jamal Lewis represents too many dark moments for Browns fans. I don't think I'll ever be able to take true pleasure in any achievements he may have in a Browns uniform.

Phil, I want you to build us a winner. But please try to understand what we've been through. Make sure you've got a good reason for signing a nemesis, or for cutting a friend. And if you've got to do it, at least let us know whats going on. And for the love of God, don't try to replace Phil Dawson.

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