Thursday, March 15, 2007

Extra help

Sounds like good news to me. The Browns signed Robaire Smith, DT, and Seth McKinney, OL. McKinney sounds like an injury risk who could pay off as a solid backup, but Smith sounds like a pretty decent veteran hole plugger. Probably a step up from Alvin McKinley.

In another move, Terrelle Smith, FB, was cut. I assume that this was just a cost saving measure, as now they can just give Terrelle's old jersey's to Robaire. I assume that this is more a vote of confidence in Lawrence Vickers than a dig at Smith.

Robaire seems to be coming at a decent price: $12M over 4 years. I'm glad that we've finally started to address one of the most glaring holes. At the risk of sounding like Tony Grossi, I just worry that these signings means that Savage is covering his lines with free agents so that he can go and draft non-linemen. Plugging the holes is good and all, but its no substitute for drafting guys. I still say that we should get at least 3 or 4 o- or d- linemen out of this draft.

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Top Dawg said...

It's tough to see a blue-collar and high character guy like Smith go, but if we need versatility, Vickers is the guy to give it to us.

I'm glad to see we're addressing the lines though :)

BTW, if that scenario you mentioned on my blog happens, I'm blaming you entirely ;o)