Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cleveland Clinic gets a new patient

In a repeat of last year, the Browns throw big money at the top rated offensive line free agent and get him to sign. This year is Eric Steinbach, formerly known for keeping Carson Palmer upright. I think its a good sign that they were able to convince him to sign without visiting other places first. He may have gotten more money from Tampa Bay who was talking about putting him at tackle.

Glad to see some more help brought into the line. With him and Fraley in place, we're already better than last year. Of course, thats assuming he survives. And with the Browns, I really am expecting SOMETHING cataclysmic to happen.

He has his blemish as part of the Bengals' convict crew. But his citation (boating under the influence) is pretty minor compared to alot of things that have gone on down in Porkopolis.

My only complaint is that we're in the position where we have to pay the huge money for the safest guy. There are other guards out there who would have been CONSIDERABLY cheaper who could have been as good or better as Steinbach. But they'd be riskier propositions. And with Phil Savage's and Romeo Crennel's backs against the wall by "Win today or fire the coach" fans, they have no choice but to overspend now, because they don't have the luxury of paying attention to silly things like "the salary cap".

So, even if its not the most prudent signing ever, it should serve to help. Until the curse rears its ugly head.

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