Sunday, March 18, 2007

Money to burn

We got a fourth round pick for Rueben Droughns? I didn't know that, but thats what this Patrick McManamon piece says. Or, maybe he's mistaking the 7th rounder that we got for Dilfer for a 4th rounder.

I don't know that I get much from the rest of the article. So we're throwing alot of money at free agents. Its not like we are short of cash to pay the superstars on our roster. Fact is, the NFL limits the number of guys you can keep on the roster, so quantity over quality isn't an option (although I agree that having as many draft picks as possible is the way to go). Also, there is a salary floor as well as a salary cap, so the Browns HAVE to burn money on players. Yeah, it'd be great if we had some pro-bowlers on the roster whose deals we could extend, instead of picking up guys who may or may not be new pieces. But we don't, so what is management supposed to do, sign Simon Fraser through 2050? Once quality guys start leaving because they can get more money somewhere else, I'll complain, but for now I'm content with the mere hope that the signings might make us a little better.

CBS noted that the Browns only have nine players left from the Butch Davis era. I believe those nine are:

- Leigh Bodden
- Sean Jones
- Andra Davis
- Mason Unck
- Orpheus Roye
- Phil Dawson
- Kellen Winslow
- Ryan Tucker
- Steve Heiden
- Ryan Pontbriand, LSE

Maybe my counting skills are rusty, but I count 10. Of course, there was plenty of Butch Davis trash to get rid of. But those guys make up a majority of our decent players.


Metamorphosis of Life said...

I'd love to hear your take on MMQB's talk of the Brownies trading up to #1 for Russell. I usually enjoy PK's column but he's just discovered Guinness? WTF?

Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

Actually, if you read it closely, he's just saying that he thinks there will be rumors. So he doesn't even have the guts to make a claim, he's just spreading rumors that other people will start spreading rumors.

I think Savage would be an idiot to trade up in this draft. We will have our choice of a couple very good players at number 3. The only reason trading up could be justified is if you're going for a sure thing, and there are no sure things in the NFL draft.