Sunday, March 25, 2007

Reversals of fortune

Rumors swirling last week were that:
> Winslow could miss '07 because of longer-than-expected recovery from knee surgery
> Bentley could make it back by October

Leave it to Steve Doerschuk (via WTAM) and ONLY Steve Doerschuk to share Phil Savage's rebuttal of these rumors:
> Winslow is on pace to be back for '07
> Bentley is expected to have another knee surgery in May, making an '07 comeback impossible
> Baxter is making progress, but no word on what that means. The fact that he is even WALKING is progress, but it doesn't necessarily help the Browns

I guess the PD and ABJ don't report this stuff because WTAM got the scoop, and they are "above" reporting other organizations' exclusives. I guess that is their business, but I prefer Doerschuk who is more about reporting Browns news, not getting the exclusive.

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Hornless Rhino said...

Steve Doerschuk really is the best Browns writer in Northeast Ohio. It's kind of a shame he writes for The Canton Repository instead of the Plain Dealer or Beacon Journal. I think a lot of Browns fans who read him in The Sporting News don't even know that he covers the Browns locally as well.