Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Not so Free" Agency

Free agency starts tomorrow. I'm sure we'll see a spending spree by the Browns. I expect we'll pick up:
> At least two Offensive Linemen (or three if we can't resign Hank Fraley).
> Also expect a cornerback, although not necessarily a top-tier one. We've seen too much success lately with no names like Daven Holly and Leigh Bodden to justify overpaying for a guy who is one or two seasons from being over the hill.
> Defensive Linemen. Multiple. Probably no bank-breakers.

Its now four years out from the 2003 draft. Normally the Browns would be making contract offers to the 2003 draftees to keep them from restricted free agency. But that was the year John Collins made his brilliant move of forcing all rookies to sign 5 year deals. So we get to hang onto the following guys without worrying about redoing deals this year or next year:
> Jeff Faine
> Chaun Thompson
> Chris Crocker
> Lee Suggs
> Ryan Pontbriand (LSE!)
> Micheal Lehan
> Antonio Garay
Looking at lists like that, can you really put all the blame on Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel?

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