Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hey Porter

Steelers cut Joey Porter

Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing Kellen Winslow knock him around a little more.

$10 says he goes to the Ravens are Bengals. He would fit in perfectly with either teams' thug mentality.

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Lord_of_the_5Rings said...

Ok, FOURTH try at posting (yeah, yeah, I'm a Luddite; so sue me). Anyway, I'd hold onto your $10 until Coach Crennel stops saying, "Of course I'm interested..." JP would benefit Cleveland for three reasons. First, he has a couple of good years left, much like the other Frankenstein-like cast-off bodies you guys dredge up from everywhere in the hopes of creating Life by the Lake. Might be a good short-term shot in the arm. Second, his attitude dovetails perfectly with your "all talk, no results" receiving corps -- not to mention the tolerant, respectful Cleveland fan base AND Mr Winslow. Joey could use his ring to motivate the team and to deflect beer bottles thrown from the Pound; double benefit! Finally, let's face it: the guy is healthy. His knees aren't going to collapse, his head isn't going to spontaneously explode, and he's due for an "up" year. Stay tuned -- he might just be coming to a theater near you.