Thursday, March 22, 2007

Avoiding minced words

Any draft analysis I've thrown out there so far should have the following disclaimer attached: Any daydreams involving us drafting a QB, WR, or RB are based purely on whether or not we CAN get the player, not whether we SHOULD get the player.

I still maintain that we need to invest a majority of draft picks in our offensive and defensive lines.

Bitterfans had a good post that reminded me that, despite my musing about whether or not Quinn or Russell will fall to us, the #1 priority should be: if Joe Thomas falls to us and we can't finegle a trade down, we MUST take him, end of story. By all reports, he's too good of a player, and tackle is too big of a need.

I'm still not ready to put together my list of who we should go after, but I can guarantee that the number one option is "trade down" and the number two option is "Joe Thomas".

I had missed the word, as posted at, that the Broncos signed Alvin McKinley. So now he's reunited with Gerard Warren, Kenard Lang, Ebenezer Ekuban, et al. Although Courtney Brown won't be able to round out the club, since he was cut. Guess the Broncos got just as frustrated as the Browns waiting for him to heal.

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