Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A deal with the devil

So Savage decided to bring in Jamal Lewis. Well, hopefully Droughns gets cut, so that our net thug level is only increased slightly by his addition.

I don't expect this will change much. It doesn't do anything to address our big holes at CB and D-Line.


Metamorphosis of Life said...

I thought you might have more to say on this deal. I'm assuming this makes Lewis the #1 back and we'll not be drafting AP with the 3rd pick. I also didn't know that Lewis is only 27, it seems like he's been around forever. Since backs are pretty much done once they reach 30 this means he's still got 1-3 good seasons in him. Hopefully he's out to prove himself. This will also hopefully mean that we have a running threat which means play-action might actually work!

Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

Until I'm convinced that the Oline will be better, I'm not so interested in who they're blocking for. Shaeffer, Steinbach, and Fraley are a good start, but the whole right side is a question mark, and we haven't even had any injuries yet.

I'm also not sold on QB yet.

Even if the offense is going to work, best case scenario is this looks like 2002. Potent but inconsistent offense, combined with poor defense.