Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Holes in the Defense

Through nearly a week of free agency we have added a couple pieces. But conspicuously absent from our list of signings is any defensive linemen. Here is the current state of our defensive line:

On Roster
> Simon Fraser
> Babatunde Oshinowo (!)
> J'vonne Parker
> Orpheus Roye
> Ted Washington

Practice Squaders/ NFL Europe players
> Ulrich Winkley
> Orien Harris
> Alvin Smith

Free Agents (not signed, not likely to be signed)
> Alvin McKinley
> Nick Eason
> Ethan Kelley

Now, last year's line had issues. The decent players (Roye and Washington) are aging very quickly. And of the marginal to bad players that we have, we're not making any attempt to retain three of them.

This is shaping up to be a very ugly situation. Want to see a good run defense? Don't watch the Browns in '07.
Maybe the Browns think that they can make the run defense better by bringing in the guy who has had the most success exposing the holes. Plain Dealer reports that Jamal Lewis is coming for a visit.

For all that is holy, don't sign this guy. I mean, he spent part of last offseason in prison. And its not like he's a great, irreplaceable player. Better than what we have? Perhaps. But we could do better with a number of free agents.

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