Monday, September 04, 2006

Butch's guys

After yesterdays cuts, only a handful of Butch Davis Draft picks remain on the roster:
-Kellen Winslow
-Andra Davis
-Chaun Thompson
-Sean Jones
-Leigh Bodden (undrafted)
Edited to add: And don't forget Ryan Pontbriand, LSE

And its not like alot of Butch superstars (or even starters) are floating out there with other teams. The only other guys who are still starting (as far as I know) are:
-Gerard Warren
-Anthony Henry
-Chris Crocker

Thanks, Butch!
This Rothlisberger stuff is interesting. The guy goes around recklessly on a crotch rocket with no helmet, does a face plant into a car's windshield, and recovers only to be kept out by an appondectomy. Oh,the irony.

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