Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Maybe we should have held on to Michael Lehan

Not too big of a surprise, but word is that Daylon McCutcheon is lost for the seaon. Combined with Gary Baxter's continuing problems with his pectoral strain, what started as a position of strength is starting to look like a major area of concern (I know, everyone and their brother was already concerned about this, but I was remaining irrationally optimistic that we would see Bodden, Baxter, and McCutcheon all at the same time).

I was just thinking this morning that Ray Mickens was a better slot than Ralph Brown is. Unfortunately, now the question is who is the better starter. And I think the answer is, lets put Babatunde back on the team!

Its times like this that I really wish we had a developmental player that we could plug in. If we're gonna see a bad player in there, it might as well be someone who might learn from the experience. Unfortunately, Demario Minter is already on the IR. I still want to see something from Antonio Perkins, but all reports that I've heard of him are that he's a little TOO developmental. Even Michael Lehan (who, I believe, is now starting for the Dolphins) would've been a good option at this point.

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Jon said...

did I fail to mention how much we fucking SUCK.

jesus christ. if we lose to the ravens on sunday...which theres no reason to think we wont, CBS is going to get ugly and in a hurry.

you almost have to feel sorry for the ratbird fans making the trip..that hurricane of irate browns fans is coming right towards them.

I said "almost".

every year its nothing but a laundry list of players on our roster that have no right to be in the NFL.