Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tough Schedule?

Well, National media type are coming around to the same conclusion that I had inklings of during our week-1 loss to the Saints: The Saints are an OK team. It makes sense, really. They were a regular 9 win team before last year (even with Aaron Brooks at QB), who through alot of bad luck and bad coaching went down the toilet. They then signed the best free agent QB (and one of the best overall QBs over the past couple seasons) in Drew Brees and got handed the toast of the draft in Reggie Bush. So seeing them take off isn't too big a surprise (just like Miami winning 8 games last year was no big shocker).

So we've had three losses to three undefeated teams. Its not an excuse that I want to hear the coach or players using, but I don't mind mentioning it.

We won't have any such excuse to use against the Raiders. Everyone but Roger Brown (who picked the Raiders to win the AFC) knows that the Raiders stink.

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