Saturday, September 30, 2006

Holly and Oak

Word is that Baxter is going to miss the game in Oakland, too. So it goes. But I hope he gets back soon, because we could REALLY start to miss him against Carolina.

I can't remember where, but somebody made the good point that, although Daven Holly had a poor game against the Ravens, he wasn't getting burned by his guys (ala Ralph Brown). Holly was staying with his guy, but he just unable to defense the ball when it was thrown in his direction. Now, this is frustratingly bad play none the less, but it still shows hope. As the un-remembered source points out, making that closing deal (defending the ball when it is thrown your way) is something that can be coached.

My thinking is that, its also an effective scheme against a younger QB. See, McNair is old enough and smart enough to realize that, even though Holly has his guy covered, he can throw it there knowing his guy can beat Holly to the ball. But on Sunday, Holly will be defending (or not defending) passes from Andrew Walter. My hope is that, when Walter sees Holly blanketing Alvis Whitted*, he won't have the instincts to put the ball up so that Whitted can beat Holly to the ball. So, while Holly wasn't an effective defender last week, maybe he'll be more effective this week.

*Who the heck is Alvis Whitted?

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