Friday, October 27, 2006

". . .my kneecaps were up in my thighs"

PD got a good interview with Wendell Davis, the first guy in the history of the universe* to tear both patellar tendons at the same time. The only other guy to do so? Our very own Gary Baxter.

It sounds terrible. I think it'd be worthwhile to say a little prayer for Gary Baxter. The smart money is on him never playing in football again. Even if he does, he might have to move to saftey.

How the heck do the oddsmakers give this upcoming game to the Browns? I mean, sure, I think that we can win, but I'm nothing but a blindly-loyal homer looking through rose-colored glasses.

The media love fest that has centered around Jeff Davidson is funny to see. I like his look. That is one sharp shirt.

I found that image by doing an image search for Jeff Davidson. But check out this website that I got it from:
Its some crazy Italian NFL site doing a recap of the Browns 06 draft. It describes Kamerion Wimbley as "scelto al primo giro, tredicesima scelta assoluta". I don't know what that means, but it sure sounds impressive. And of Babatune (!) it says "Un potenziale 'steal' per i Browns". You got that right, buddy.

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