Monday, October 23, 2006

Predictably Unpredictable

In this Patrick McManamon article, I read two interested statements:
Take a fourth-down pass in the first quarter that led to quarterback Charlie Frye trying to scramble for a first down and getting hit in the noggin.
Winslow seemed to be the intended receiver, but Winslow said he wasn't open.
``I think they knew the play,'' Winslow said
He took a deep breath.
``They knew it,'' he said.
In Carolina, defensive lineman Mike Rucker said the Panthers knew the plays that were coming. Now it appears the Broncos knew at least one, which does not sound good.
``Obviously not,'' Winslow said.
He then correctly pointed that, at times, every defense recognizes a play that is coming based on a formation and that the offense has to execute.
Well, the offense isn't doing much of anything, and if the play-calls are so obvious that the defense knows them, said offense will never succeed.

They do things that make you scratch your head. Like on third-and-10 when Steve Heiden was sent into the huddle and Kellen Winslow was dragged out. What play was called?
A tight end screen to Heiden.
Now, Heiden is a fine player, a good player. And he'll catch the ball when thrown to him, but you have to ask: If you're going to run a tight end screen, why not throw it to a guy who can avoid people and break a tackle, a guy like... WINSLOW?!?!?
One can imagine the thought process. Well, Heiden usually blocks. Let's trick 'em and have him fake a block, then catch a screen.
If that happened, that's just too much thinking. Heiden blocks because he's a good blocker. Winslow catches and runs because he's good at it.
You just want to shake somebody and say: Stop overthinking and trying to be tricky. Run a stinking play that's fundamentally sound.

Why did they call the play to Heiden? Maybe the result of the first play to Winslow is the answer to that question. Now, I'm not defending the play calls, I just wanted to point out that they ARE obviously trying. Its a shame they can't succeed.
Hats off to Kenard Lang. I appreciate his refusual to gloat or trash talk after the game. Of all the former Browns on the Denver roster, he's the only one who might have a legitimate gripe against the current guys in charge. Its a shame his class didn't rub off on Quincy Morgan.
Is there any question that Baxter is done for the season? Whats with this? I mean, I expected that he might re-hurt his strained pec, but no, it was his knee. I feel bad for him. We should just cut him, and let him get on with his career somewhere else. Its obvious that he's jinxed in Cleveland.
So, 2007 Draft anyone?

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