Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some fresh legs at CB, but at what price?

The Browns added an undrafted rookie from Michigan State to the roster. While I agree that we needed a fresh body in there, I question how it was done.

To free up the roster spot, they cut Babatunde (!) and put him back on the practice squad. As Mistake by the Lake correctly pointed out, Babatunde was the whole reason we won this past Sunday. So when we lose against Carolina this Sunday, we already know why: Because Babatunde wasn't there to will the victory.

I am glad that we have some fresh blood in there. While I'm still ready to see a bit more of Daven Holly, I have already written off Ralph Brown (whether or not he appeared competent last Sunday). And Antonio Perkins looks to me like a Ray Mickens in the making. Its really a shame that Demario Minter is out this season, as he would've had his opportunities cut out for him.

I wonder if Travis Wilson could play CB?

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