Monday, October 02, 2006

What's better, a hope-inspiring loss or a demoralizing win?

Its hard to come up with something to say about this game. For a while the defense looked like the 03 team (". . .except for those 5 runs. . ."). Charlie reminded us that he's still learning (I mean that interception . . . . . . maybe Carthon shouldn't have trusted him at the end of the Ravens game).

The Browns really controlled that game. When the Raiders were up, it was because the Browns GAVE them the lead. Based on how in control we were, that game should've been a blow out. But it wasn't a blow out, and against a decent team (or heck, even an-only-modestly bad team) you won't be able to survive the kinds of mistakes we made.
The passing game is really starting to come around ('cepting for Charlie's brain cramps). It was good to see Jurivicis out there catching some balls.

Sean Jones still looks pretty decent, although, again, that interception had more to do with the incompetence of the Raiders and less to do with Jones' skills.

Wimbley with two sacks, including one where he embarassed Robert Gallery. Wimbley has three sacks YTD, thats only 2 off from last season's team leading 5 sacks.

I'll admit, I was one of the "go get Gallery" guys back in 04. Even with Winslow missing two years, he still looks like the better pick.

Simon Fraser with another sack.

Gotta love these local guys making their marks. Heck even if they don't do well, I'd rather do our sucking with local kids than with the likes of Jeff Garcia and Quincy Morgan.

If we can pull off an upset against the Panthers (a HUGE if considering that Ralph Brown and Daven Holly will be trying to cover Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson) it could really turn this season around. As it is now, with a couple seconds changed in the Ravens game, we'd be sitting at 2-2.

I'm starting to look forward to the Steelers games (why do we gotta wait until the end of the season?). Not because I think that we'll win, just as a kind of gauge in our progress.


LACJ said...

Nice game. Frye is clearly going to be airing it out. He had time most of the game.

Metamorphosis of Life said...

Aside from the INT at the end of the game (dumb!) I'm starting to really believe in Frye. Now that Edwards is catching balls and "I'm a f***ing soldier" K2 is producing, in a year or two we could have a really potent air attack.

I remember you being very up on Gallery. Glad you came around.

I really liked Wimbley's play. Yes it is just the Raiders, but how's Mario Williams doing?

Jon said...

I really wanted bunkley. I was concerned about how many years Roye has left and thought we needed another big defensive end but I REALLY like Mckinley. his sack total last year whispered the name "seymour".

but Im completely on the wimbley band wagon. with a little more weight he could really become a migraine for any offensive tackle.

I think edwards has the potential and size to be a game breaker but I really wanted Merriman even though the chargers or anyone else didnt know he could be that good.

raiders or not, that was a hell of a game by the browns.

Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

This is the first time in a long time that we have guys consistently showing more than just "potential". Wimbley, Edwards, Winslow, Frye.

Oh, and Mario Williams is sitting at 1.5 sacks.

Jon said...

I know, its too strange and now I found myself disgustingly optimistic about our chances in charlotte this sunday.

we're screwed arent we?