Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Frying Frye

After reading some opinions that are questioning whether or not Frye is our QB of the future, I thought it is necessary to clarify my opinions on him.

I'm certainly not ready to give up on Frye yet. He still looks better than alot of other young QBs that are playing around the league. And he has alot of extenuating circumstances that help to explain away alot of his mistakes (I mean, really, how many dropped balls for interceptions can a guy really have?).

My point was that we (and by "we" I mean the coaches) can't just rely on time to correct Frye's ills. The coaches need to be working with him to correct these things now. At this point in the season, playing to win should be secondary to playing to improve. And to see improvement, I think the coaches should make it clear to Frye that his job, even before winning the game, is to get better at protecting the ball and himself. That means taking sacks or throwing the ball away when he needs to.

If Frye can't fix that by season's end, I think that questioning his long-term prospects will be a valid point. But, its hard to say at what point we could say that he has "fixed" this. So, I'm not expecting any definitive answers by the end of this season.
Hearing these complaints about Frye makes me that much happier that we don't have a "qualified backup" on the roster. What point would there be in seeing Trent Dilfer out there right now, and Charlie on the bench? Unless we have another long-term starting prospect to take Frye's place (which we don't) I want to leave him in there so we can get a better idea of what he can offer us.
Its time for me to confess my ignorance: From watching a game, I could never tell one offensive blocking scheme from another. I've read about Denver's "zone blocking" plenty, but I couldn't tell that from Sunday.

That being said, this CBS article says that the Browns have gone to a zone blocking scheme under Davidson. Is that true? That sounds like a pretty fundamental change to try to be making midseason. And it definitely sounds like something that I would of heard of from someone else.

I'll keep an eye open, but this sounds like questionable reporting.

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