Monday, November 20, 2006

The trolls are on the loose

I've figured out where all the Trolling Steelers fans' comments have been coming from (I've been promptly deleting the comments. I already have a bad football team to deal with, I don't need idiot Steelers fans coming round to rub it in). Apparently the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette doesn't have the talent to write their own material, so they like to borrow it from Bloggers:

Its funny: Even though I've always put on the "I hate the Steelers" front, I had always figured that Steelers fans were probably decent, hardworking people like Clevelanders. But after seeing the Post-Gazette blog, and the comments that Steelers fans' have left over here and on some other Browns blogs, I guess may have to rethink that. I gotta admit, its really lowering my estimation of the people of the city. The Rooney family may be kinda classy, but the Steelers fans that have been making themselves heard seem to be trash-talking clowns.

Hey Steelers fans: You aren't Joey Porter, and I'm not Kellen Winslow. I'm just an average guy, posting about the Browns because the crap organization that we have doesn't give us a product worth watching. If your only contribution to the debate is to point out the obvious that the Browns stink, kindly just move on your way. On the other hand, if you really are looking for one Browns fans' opinions, feel free to stop by. Even once the Steelers start to suck, and all the Steelers "loyal" move onto new teams with fairer weather, I'll still be here, bitching about how bad the Browns are.

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