Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Maybe Shaun Alexander has been praying for us

As told in that mecca of Browns news, OBR, we have some good news that our injury list will be getting a little shorter and our active list will be getting a little longer.

-Ryan Tucker: Still no word on why he was out. It sounded mighty suspicious, and they still aren't talking, but at least he's back.

-Daven Holly: He was making some VERY promising (almost Leigh Bodden like) strides before his mysterious illness. I was impressed with his open-field tackling against Carolina, so I'm glad that he'll be around to help corral Michael Vick.

-Demario Minter: I guess he's not technically back since he was never with the team to begin with. But still, he was another of our promising rookies. While he might need plenty of work, we need plenty of warm bodies at DB, so this is the perfect situation to try to get him to get a little exposure.

Between Bodden, McCutcheon, Holly, and the youngins who still need to show a bit more (Minter, Jereme Perry, Mike Hawkins), we might be OK at CB next year even with Baxter out.

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