Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Its like Rush Limbaugh getting into sports (oh, wait. . .)

I usually don't comment on Peter King's MMQB because the guy is an idiot. I really don't even read it too closely, just scan for the rare nugget of information.

But something in yesterday's article caught my eye:
b. Last Tuesday sure was a good day, wasn't it?
King's reference was obviously to the recent mid-term elections. I assume that his comment is w/r/t the Democratic takeover of Congress. Now, I'm not saying that I disagree with his politics (not to say that I necessarily agree, either), but I just think its pretty classless for someone whose business has nothing to do with politics to go bringing up a decisive issues.
I guess its been apparent for a long time that King's articles are full of worthless drivel. I just thought that this was a new low.
But, it does make me thankful for the truly good, profession newsources. Like OBR.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's classless exactly, but I can see your point.

My thing is, a lot of writers (Simmons, Gammons) throw personal stuff into their writing. King's column is full of coffee stuff and travel stuff. Also, he's not exactly expressing an unpopular opinion or making too much of a political statement either.

Of course, I like King and I liked last Tuesday, so maybe I'm not the best judge on this.

Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

No, you're right. I realized as I was reading Tuesday Morning QB that he gets into politics just as much as King does, and yet that doesn't bother me.

I guess King just bugs me because I don't respect his opinion. Not a good reason, I'll admit.