Monday, November 27, 2006

Off with all the heads

With the weather growing colder, the sounds of salvation army bells as you enter stores, and the constant commercials reminding you which giftcards are the best way to show you care, its definitely that time of year again. With the Browns season winding down, with another unacceptable number in the W column, we need to find our new scapegoat.

Actually, we'll kind of be double-dipping this season, since we've already tossed Mo Carthon. Although, to be fair, he did just as much as the fans and the media to secure his role as "the goat". His playcalling simply wasn't getting things done.

People want Crennel gone. People want Savage gone. People want Charlie Frye gone. The usual suspect, the offensive line, is sure to be gutted. I've even heard someone calling for the head of Todd Grantham.

Its funny, each time we go through this, we do such a great job of finding the top personell man (Savage, or Carmen Policy) and the top coaching candidate (Crennel, or Butch Davis). We bring these guys in, and they are the solution to what ails the Browns. And then they're here for a couple seasons, and they transform into the problem. Its amazing. We had a problem before they were here, we still have that problem, but now these new guys are cause of the problem.

So we toss them. We get rid of the problem, and bring in new solutions. The faces keep changing, but somehow nothing gets better.

I don't claim to have all the answers. But I do know one thing for sure: Firing Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage and gutting the team isn't going to improve the Browns.


Ben said...

Keep Romeo. Keep Savage. Keep Frye.

Get a backup QB OR a QB that Frye can backup/challenge. Get a line (preferably in the draft. young linemen please!)

Ignore the Plain Dealer (on Monday Livingston threw Frye under the bus. Tuesday Shaw tossed Crennel).


Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

I'm with you 100%. I'd prefer we draft a backup QB, but I think that KC's Huard is a free agent, so maybe we can overpay for him.

And oline is number one need. They should overpay for some guys in free agency, AND draft some guys high.

I know that the PD is going to overreact, but I've seen the "toss 'em" attitude coming from places I respect, like Rich Passan, Bitter Fans, and some guys over at Swerbs' Blurbs.

At least we have 5 more games to show a little progress. That might turn off the lynch mob.

Hornless Rhino said...

I said toss 'em all last weekend, but that post was written at 4:15 on Sunday afternoon, and is Exhibit A for why you should never have your computer in front of you while you're watching the Browns.

Now that I've cooled down, I think you're probably right that cleaning house is just going to mean starting over again.

However, I think that unless the team plays a lot better over the next several weeks, the die is probably cast as far as Romeo Crennel is concerned. It looks like he's flat out lost the confidence of the team, and that's usually a terminal illness for a head coach.