Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And his momma is fat

In the PD Blurb about Chaun Thompson, something caught my eye:

Chaun Thompson (calf) started his first game at inside linebacker and is giving rookie D'Qwell Jackson a push. Jackson still is slightly ahead, but Thompson has the edge in experience. Against the Bills, he had three tackles and a near-interception.

"He made it a competition," said Crennel. "He should've had an interception, and he didn't give up plays. He made a specials teams tackle and made a tackle on a cutback that would've gone for a long way. He played pretty decently."

Thompson said, "I'm bigger, faster and most of all, I'm smarter."

Is it just me, or is that outside the realm of normal trash talk? Either that, or the PD failed to note dry humor when they saw it.


In real news, Gary Baxter is back and should be ready for the openener. He will help close one of the few gaping holes this defense still has.

During his time out and Daylon McCutcheon's time out, I was really disappointed not to see 05 4th round draft pick Antonio Perkins show up as a guy competing for the starting spot. He's going into his second season, he should really be able to show SOMETHING by now. I mean, if he's not returning punts, either, he's pretty close to being labelled a bust.

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