Sunday, August 06, 2006

Don't you miss this stuff?

Nice little blurb from Grossi in today's PD:

Stop me if you've heard this before:

The Broncos say they intend to unleash Gerard Warren as a Warren Sapp-type pass rusher this year. Warren had only three sacks last year but is continually praised by Denver coordinator Larry Coyer. "What Larry wants me to do this year I call funball,' " Warren told reporters. "It's creating havoc. I could care less about numbers. If I can get in there and disrupt the offense and keep them off-rhythm and keep pitching a change-up and giving them fits in the middle, then my job is accomplished." For now, Warren will have plenty of time to think about his new objective: He dislocated a toe during a drill Saturday and will be out two to four weeks.

Man, I don't care how far Denver goes into the postseason, I'm glad to be done with that joke of a defensive line. Player-wise, they're adequate (when they're healthy), but, man, all that drama. Its amazing that, going into year 6, Gerard "Penny" Warren's incredible potential is still waiting to be unleashed. It makes me thankful for the quiet, professional guys we've got taking care of business now.

I look forward to seeing them on October 22. Too bad LeCharles Bentley won't be around to pound Penny into submission. I guess Hallen will have to take care of it instead.
Down in Akron, Patrick MacManamon (probably my least favorite Brown's guy) says a whole lot of nothing about Friday's scrimmage. He starts off by acknowledging that scrimmages don't mean much, and even then the starters on had 17 plays, and that a number of offensive guys were out, but then he starts crying about how bad they looked. Why not just say "Its hard to tell how the team will look at this early point". Instead, he's already writing off the 2006 season.
Meanwhile, further down 77 into Canton, Steve Doerschuk (probably my favorite Brown's guy) has a nice little review of the Sporting News' recent position-by-position player rankings. The point that I take from this: Though we're not making any headlines, the overall level of players is improving. Thats easy to see. In past years we had guys like Jason Fisk, Earl Little, Jonquin Gonzales, Barry Gardner, and Damion Cook filling holes for us. Now, its alot easier on the mind that our weakest links are Alvin McKinley, Bob Hallen, and whoever wins the other MLB spot.

Yeah, it'll be a happy day if and when we have one (or, dare I say, more than one) Pro Bowler on the team. But until that day, we should be happy that the overall level of the team is improving.

So, in past years guys like William Green and Lee Suggs were our starting RBs and Dee Brown and Nick Maddox were backups. Now, Green and Suggs are the backups to Droughns. That, my friends, is progress.

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