Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For my next trick, I will write a paper on Tsarist Russia by reading yesterday's newspaper's season preview is out. Super Bowl bound? NO!

Previews are dumb. If we previews were even remotely accurate, why would they even need to play the seasons? So, any guy who is asked to write a season preview is put in a bad situation to begin with. But, I still don't mind ripping on them.

The first two previews (from Len Pasquirellli and Matt Williamson) don't even mention the fact that the Browns have a defense. They aren't even previewing the Browns. "Offensive line troubles, young quarterback, thats my story and I'm sticking to it".

The last blub includes this quote:
. . . budding star WRs (Andra Davis and Braylon Edwards) . . .
Ummm. Andra Davis isn't a WR, he's a Line Backer. Unless you're thinking of Andre Davis, who is currently with the Bills, and was cut by the Browns before the 05 season. Either way, it fuels my suspiscion that the vast majority of national sports guys are hacks who don't know nothin about nothin. In this case, the guy couldn't even pull out the right names, but even when they do use the right names, they're usually just passing on whatever conventional wisdom they heard, and its not cause they really know anything about them.


Anonymous said...

I heard jujaun Dawson was lighting it up in the Browns camp

Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

Yeah, he's catching the 70 yard passes from Frisman Jackson (on his knees!), passing off to Ben Gay, then watching Earl Little's trips to the Pro-Bowl. And ( as of this season) watching Lee Suggs' 75 yard runs.