Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another one in the waiting camp.

NFL.com writer Pat Kirwan's recent trip to Cleveland lead him to conclude that the Brown's are improving, but that we should be happy if we get to 8-8.

I agree with him on some points, but he's giving the defense alot of credit. Heck, he makes it sound like the D is already there, and we just need to wait on Frye to improve and the O-line to get healthy.

The Defense should be fun to watch. If Bodden doesn't prove to be a fluke (I don't think he is) and some guys can stay healthy, the defense should show some serious improvement. If Crennel is convinced that Bodden and Baxter can handle their guys in single coverage, we can expect to see alot more creative use of the safties. We might see Brian Russell get back to his interception-monster form, and we might get to see Brodney Pool do his own taz impersonations.

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