Monday, August 28, 2006

First cuts

The Browns made their first cuts today. I don't really know much about the names other than Brandon Rideau. I'm not surprised that he was cut, but I guess that I am a little surprised that he was part of the first round of cuts. With Edwards, Jurevicis, Northcutt, Wilson, and Cribbs all practically gauranteed spots (Cribbs because of his return role, although his receiving role has looked OK), it was really coming down to either Rideau or Frisman Jackson getting cut eventually. But this was the first round of cuts, and Kendrick Mosley (who dat?) is still on the roster. Oh well, I'm sure he'll be gone soon enough, too.


For those keeping track, we are down to:
12 days
21 hours
24 minutes
26 seconds
until game day. Thats less than two weeks, for those fellow math majors out there.


Anonymous said...

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Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

Sure thing, happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

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