Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another day, another idiot

I found another Browns preview (this time focusing on the Defense) thanks to Dawgwire (handy little site, that is).

The general gist: The front 7 are poised to be great, but the secondary (and CBs in particular) are a glaring weakness. Again, an idiot who has no idea what he's talking about.

LB is not a position of strength. It has alot of potential, but we have a hole at MLB being filled by either a rookie (Diqwell Jackson) or a converted (and unimpressive) OLB (Chaun Thompson). We have another OLB spot being filled by a steady (but unimpressive) Matt Stewart, or a converted DE rookie (Kam Wimbley). I'm not down on our LB corp, but I wouldn't call them a position of strength.

Meanwhile, CBs are a position of strength. Now, there are some injury concerns, but Baxter is coming back, and McCutcheon should be back soon. With Baxter, Bodden, and McCutcheon playing, I feel we have one of the best CB corps in the league. Especially considering Crennel's style of using the big, physical CBs.

What really tipped me off to the fact that this guy is clueless was this line:
Currently, thanks to Baxter's and second man Daylon McCutcheon's lack of health, Leigh Bodden and Ralph Brown are the two starting corners, which could very well end up spelling trouble.
Ummm, does anybody really think of Bodden as a step down from McCutcheon? I mean, I like McCutcheon, and I'm glad he's on our team, but Bodden has played phenomonally well (that ESPN preview yesterday called Bodden one of the best corners in the league, and I agree). True, our 4th string CB is a concern (I'm really sick of hearing about some no name CB getting burned for a long pass), but in all likelihood, those guys aren't going to be on the field.


Harold said...

another day another idiot... The Middle Linebacker position does not exsist in the 3/4 alignment you have 2 inside and 2 outside linebackers, which are usually described as right and left .

Nick said...

Nice read agreed on the LB's, oh no you used a slightly incorrect term for the ILB , I guess the could also be 2 middle line backers. But mixing up terminology must be a little confusing for some. Keep up the quality analysis. Then again we may only have one MLB now since A.Davis is a "budding star" at WR.

Dwayne_Rudds_Helmet said...

Ehh, MLB, ILB. I never claimed to be too up on my football terminology. You still got what I meant.